RedSwan CRE Opens First $300M Tranche of Commercial Real Estate to Investors

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A Significant Moment in CRE-history for Blockchain and CRE investors.

The RedSwan CRE  announcement leads the commercial real estate industry as it transforms toward a new standard of transparency, security, and liquidity with digital blockchain technology. Once again, similar to the e-commerce explosion, tokenization is delivering an unparalleled channel of financial opportunities for real estate investment wealth creation. With this initial tranche of asset-backed digital security tokens, investors worldwide have access to and will enjoy the benefits of ownership, normally reserved for wealthy groups.

Our marketplace is helping real estate sponsors/owners raise capital from accredited CRE investors in the US under Reg D and foreign investors under Reg S. We are using blockchain technology to digitize limited partnership shares of Class A CRE, making large buildings more accessible and affordable.  With blockchain, minimum investment amounts for primary issuance can be as small as a few thousand dollars.

Real Estate has always provided significant tax advantages historically and has produced consistent returns for investors holding long term.  The global real estate market including residential and commercial land is valued over $200 trillion, making it the largest asset class in the world.  

The future for CRE investments is looking extremely exciting as blockchain, cryptocurrency and Di-Fi expand their capabilities to enhance practical solutions for the industry.  Financial strategies will impact leverage and tax advantages just as traditional loans in real estate have for centuries.  The difference today is the rapid growth of crypto as a form of currency and how it’s  reshaping the financial industry.  If Bitcoin continues to appreciate in value, real estate strategies will become significantly more advantageous in yielding higher overall investment results.   

RedSwan CRE will continue to advise property owners to take advantage of tokenization and create quality digital assets on the blockchain.

View the “RedSwan CRE Opens First $300M Tranche of CRE to Investors” release below.

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