Security Tokens Crypto: State of the Union 2020 – Futurist Conference

security tokens - state of the union

Security tokens crypto technology

In this special Futurist Conference presented by Untraceable, our CEO, Ed Nwokedi, discusses security tokens crypto technology and how they can be used as a new capital markets tool for raising capital for property owners and for providing liquidity for investors. They can invest without having to be locked in for a fixed time period, which could be normally around 3-10 years in the normal real estate process. When you invest using security tokens through RedSwan CRE, you can exit anytime. He believes this will simplify the process and make it easier and more likely for people to invest in real estate in the future. He also talks about how there are a lot of investors on the sidelines waiting to see how tokens work and how security tokens are a very viable capital markets tool.

Security Tokens: State of the Union 2020

Ed also talks about how it has taken 2 years to set up RedSwan CRE because there are many regulatory requirements that created barriers that they had to overcome, and getting partnered with the top in the industry like Polymath for the next stages helps build the industry as a whole. There are trillions of dollars in real estate security tokens to be made over the next few years and RedSwan CRE has already started tokenizing billions in real estate. The industry will see a great boom overall.

Accredited Investors who don’t have millions in their bank accounts and have a hard time getting to invest in high-quality assets can get blocks of equity and come in at a much more affordable price. Property Owners who want to recapitalize their assets can have the benefit of not needing to fully sell their properties and can put up to 90% of their equity up for accredited investors to invest in while still being able to manage their property, maintain some of their interest, GP status, collect management fees and more.

Featuring our own adviser from Polymath, Graeme Moore, as well as special guests Mohammed Mahfoudh and Antonio Brasse.

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