Real World Asset Tokenization: Access to Cross Border Real Estate Investment and Trading

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The global asset market is experiencing a revolutionary transformation through real world asset tokenization RWA, presenting unprecedented financial and investment opportunities. This shift unlocks access to illiquid assets, facilitates secured fractionalized ownership, enhances ownership mobility, and improves transactional and operational efficiencies. Major players like JP Morgan, BlackRock, and Goldman Sachs recognize the trillion-dollar market potential in asset tokenization, with 2024 expected to witness more traditional asset players embracing blockchain technologies. The recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the U.S SEC is a notable example of digital assets gaining momentum.

In Africa, recent developments signal a significant shift towards digital assets. The Central Bank of Nigeria lifted the ban on digital currencies/assets, allowing Virtual Asset Service Providers, Digital Asset Custodians, Digital Asset Offering Platforms, and Digital Asset Exchanges to operate accounts with traditional financial institutions. This move is expected to boost digital asset adoption and financial inclusion. The introduction of the cNGN stable coin, pegged to the Naira on a 1-to-1 basis, will offer stability in cross-border transactions, potentially fostering the growth of fintechs and virtual asset entities in Nigeria’s digital economy. Regulatory approvals, such as Nigeria SEC granting NASD OTC Securities Exchange approval to operate a Digital Asset Platform and over 90 Financial Services Providers in South Africa applying for licenses to offer crypto-related services, reflect a growing appetite for digital asset investments across the continent.

Globally, the United States of America has stabilized the regulatory framework towards digital assets. While more countries in Europe and Asia are fine-tuning their regulations to accommodate digital assets.  This will positively influence global adoption. Additionally, more African nations, including Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, may introduce regulatory guidelines on digital assets, indicating a broader acceptance towards recognizing and regulating the growing digital asset market on the continent.

Innovative companies such as RedSwan CRE have been digitizing institutional real estate and providing access to both retail and institutional investors to invest affordably into real estate. RedSwan CRE online marketplace lists different categories of buildings ranging from hospitality, residential, office, retail, industrial, affordable housing, student housing and eco-friendly projects. This gives investors options to diversify their investments, have a hedge over inflation and earn in forex, as tokenizations enable cross border trading and investment into real estate. Get started by signing up on and have access to these premium opportunities.

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