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commercial real estate tokenization

Property Type: Multi-Family
Sponsor Equity Raise: $38,000,000 (80%)
Minimum Investment: $40,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 16 – 18%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.20 – 2.20x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 6.50%
Ticker Symbol: TLLB
nottingham village outside

Property Type: Multi-Family
Sponsor Equity Raise: $8,936,403 (80%)
Minimum Investment: $5,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 21%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.3x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 11%
Ticker Symbol: NTVL
San Antonio

Property Type: Multi-Family
Sponsor Equity Raise: $30,568,162 (80%)
Minimum Investment: $16,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 11 – 12%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.23 – 1.66x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 5.85%
Ticker Symbol: CAGV

Red Swan through tokenization makes it possible to invest in commercial real estate projects that are out of reach for private investors. This allows building owners to sell fractional ownership of their properties.

​At RedSwan we believe that private investors like you should have access to the same top quality CRE as the big institutional investors do.

  • Ownership equity in affordable shares
  • Quality , class A & B+ class properties
  • Managed by Experienced Sponsors

Asset Tokenization and Exchange on Red Swan

The properties tokenized on Red Swan provide an excellent investment option for parking long or short term capital. Hold your cash in high-quality Real Estate backed digital securities.

We Raise Capital Selling Real Estate LP & GP Equity Shares. Get exclusive access to Institutional-Grade CRE Investments.
Red Swan asset tokenization services are a primary issuance of security tokens for fractional ownership in "off-market" properties.
Security tokens have customizable features (dividends, hold periods, etc.) created for each issuance.
RedSwan Platform provides liquidity through a global marketplace with over 30,000 active investors.

Benefits of our Platform

  • Building owners create more value with token shareholders.
  • High quality class A properties are now affordable.
  • With the highest level of security, blockchain transaction are the most secure on the planet.
  • LIQUIDITY - Investors can exit in minutes instead of years.

An end-to-end commercial real estate marketplace.

Red Swan provides solutions for ultra-high-net-worth investors and institutions to purchase coveted off-market properties through shares of highly liquid real estate-backed digital securities. Our members capitalize on security, efficiency and liquidity made possible by advanced blockchain technology.

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Team Experts

With over 45 years experience our team understands the needs of investors and building owners. We know how to apply new innovative capital market solutions to equity and debt.


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