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How RedSwan CRE Marketplace is using Polymath technology to create the largest online
marketplace of digital asset-backed CRE securities and tokenizing commercial real estate in the USA.

RedSwan.io is a PropTech company creating the largest online marketplace of digital asset-backed securities from quality commercial real estate projects.

Based in Houston, Texas, RedSwan CRE Marketplace (“RedSwan”) was founded by Ed Nwokedi, an 18-year veteran in Commercial Real Estate, specializing in multi-family apartments. RedSwan’s expertise in Real Estate and their Registered Investment Advisor status makes them a great fit for Polymath’s tokenization solution.

According to Ed at RedSwan, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners want cash. They want cash to buy more real estate, pay down debt, improve their properties, and more.

These methods limit the market for CRE deals to banks issuing mortgages, “a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy” with more than $50 million to invest, and large real estate funds. Investors with $10,000 — $10 million to put to work are completely shut out from this market, which negatively impacts the market overall and forces these smaller investors to focus on riskier lower class-level projects. Fewer buyers, fewer sellers, and less liquidity means less deal flow.

RedSwan sources analyze, prices, and sells commercial real estate, where asset owners and accredited investors both have the added benefit of liquidity through RedSwan’s trading venue. RedSwan earns revenue through fees involved in initial offerings (evaluating properties and finding buyers) and from managing digital assets under management for investors.

With tokenization, RedSwan’s costs are reduced while profit margins and returns for building owners and investors can be significantly improved. Tokenized commercial real estate provides a very low-cost solution for creating and managing financial securities, enabling the cost-effective fractionalization of commercial real estate for primary offerings and secondary trading.

Check out the full Polymath case study below on tokenizing commercial real estate with redswan.

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