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Tokenization of commercial real estate

In this Power30 hosted podcast, Ed Nwokedi talks about RedSwan CRE and how he is making it more affordable, accessible, and making it easy to access liquidity for owners. Ed talks about how he is making a new asset class for digital securities and why having digital assets provides many benefits. He also talks about how you can use cryptocurrency for the investment. Digitizing assets makes it more affordable and also helps make more capital. He explains how a token is much like a share of stocks.

The process is very secure and easy and makes it simple for accredited investors to broaden their portfolios with locations across the United States and we also have investors making individual investments and can pick and choose what they really want. With RedSwan CRE, you are not stuck with the shares you have and can sell at any time so this gives investors a lot of freedom with how they use their shares.

Ed starts talking at about the 18:00 mark.

POWER30 With Ed Nwokedi – Digital Assets – Cryptocurrency for Investment

Here are some of the Benefits of Digital Assets mentioned during the Podcast. Use Cryptocurrency for Investment in Real Estate and get these Benefits:


  • Earlier access to buy and sell
  • Liquidity Premiums


  • Transact at will
  • Immediate settlement


  • Fractionalization
  • Opens new markets 24/7/365

Unlocking Value

  • Improving the attributes of an asset as well as significantly lowering costs should drive asset value higher beyond its value today


  • Less friction across borders
  • Financial inclusion


  • Proactive enforcement
  • Existing regulatory framework


  • Definitive ownership
  • Immutable record

Digital Assets – Using Cryptocurrency for Investment

Digital Assets have all of the attributes of paper-based assets and significantly more benefits. Cryptocurrency for investment in real estate is the future for investing and rather than paying millions in investment you can own a fractional piece of the real estate you invest in for a much more affordable price.

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