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CRE investing and how technology is changing the game

blockchain CRE investing

Blockchain CRE Investing

Commercial real estate is one of the largest asset classes the world over. Credited by high-net-worth individuals as a source of extreme wealth, CRE investment levels have been buoyed by a broad range of success stories.

However, despite its reputation for towering skyscrapers and even taller returns, the reality is that CRE investment is plagued by a number of ongoing problems that undermine its profitability and status.

Stanching illiquidity, unequal access to the market, and the widespread use of costly and time-consuming paper trade processes are only a snapshot of the underlying issues hindering the development of the CRE space.

What if we could open up the market to new, energetic investors, invigorate international economies and propel the growth and development of real estate projects around the world?

Once a lofty ambition, this kind of game-changing shift can be delivered through the deployment of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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