Blockchain Commercial Real Estate – When Was The Last Time You Reskilled?

blockchain commercial real estate

When Was The Last Time You Reskilled?

Checkout this article from bisnow that features Red Swan’s founder and CEO, Ed Nwokedi that discussing the ever changing landscape of the blockchain commercial real estate market.

Commercial real estate is changing in real time. While no one can say for certain how new technology, evolving business structures, climate change and other factors will impact CRE 10 years from now, companies across all industries are struggling with strategies to reskill workers to be future-ready.  On top of whatever reskilling support, education or training a company might offer, responsibility also lies with employees to look ahead in order to stay ahead, especially in rapidly transforming industries like brokerage. Ed Nwokedi, a tech entrepreneur who spent 19 years in the brokerage capital markets industry — with 16 of those years as a division leader at Cushman & Wakefield — said he had an opportunity during his brokerage career to step back and take the long view. What he saw was increased consolidation, less demand for active thinking and more demand for paperwork and data entry; combined with new fee structures and team-based sales models that led to a decline in compensation. He didn’t like it. He decided it was time to reskill on his own. He started examining industry trends and strategizing next steps, and explored ideas inside his company for introducing new auction platform technology. Then, a fellow broker and his now business partner introduced him to blockchain, which the real estate industry is watching closely for its ability to bring liquidity to transactions while removing third parties, making transactions more secure…

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