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As the Asian market opens up for Digital Assets (Tokenized Securities), RedSwan CRE CEO Edward Nwokedi and CTO Don Oparah graced the inaugural  #STO Submit in Seoul, Korea, as invited speakers. They presented the topics “Easy Tokenization Platform for Real Estate and Current Marketplace of Deals” and “Real Estate Tokenization: Future Opportunities from a Technology Perspective,” respectively. Their tour continued to Singapore, where they attended the Singapore FinTech Festival. Adoption is spreading across the globe, and #realworldassets #tokenization is going mainstream.The Singapore FinTech Festival Experience:

Being a part of the Singapore FinTech Festival reflects on the enthusiasm surrounding the tokenization of real-world assets. The experience highlights the importance of collaboration and the anticipation of new partnerships.


In the dynamic realm of Security Token Offerings (STOs), a groundbreaking initiative has taken root— the birth of the International Security Token Association (ISTA). This momentous occasion unfolded at the ‘Edaily Global STO Summit’ held in Seoul, Korea, on the 10th of November. Spearheading this movement is RedSwan, a key player connecting globally in the token securities industry. 

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Embarking on the First International STO Summit:

Chan-young Kang, the CEO of Atrino, expressed, “This is the first international conference under the name of STO Summit,” underscoring the significance of the gathering. The formation of ISTA was proposed with the intention of fostering a collaborative community across continents. The association envisions future meetings in Europe, the United States, Singapore, and more to shape the STO industry’s trajectory collectively. 

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RedSwan’s Global Footprint:

As RedSwan connects globally, our team has traversed through Seoul, Singapore, and Dubai. The journey included meetings with clients and the establishment of new relationships. In the midst of this global expedition, RedSwan has become an integral part of the growing excitement surrounding the tokenization of real-world assets.

RedSwan’s involvement in the formation of ISTA and active participation in the global STO landscape signifies a commitment to shaping the future of token securities. As the industry continues to evolve, RedSwan stands at the forefront, connecting dots, forging alliances, and contributing to the global discourse on the tokenization revolution. Stay tuned for more updates on RedSwan’s journey as a key player in the ever-expanding world of token securities.

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