Charting New Horizons For West Africa Real Estate: Insights from the 9th West Africa Property Investment Summit

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RedSwan CRE Africa recently participated in the 9th West Africa Property Investment Summit (WAPI) 2023 held at the Four Points by Sheraton Lagos. The summit focused on reshaping the future of real estate in West Africa under the theme “Rewriting the Narrative: Positioning & Strategies for the Future.”

The West Africa Property Investment Summit (WAPI 2023) proved to be more than just a gathering of industry leaders; it was a dynamic testament to the region’s commitment to reshaping its investment narrative. The discussions echoed a resounding call for change, emphasizing the emergence of alternative asset classes that are set to redefine the landscape of West Africa’s real estate and hospitality sectors.

The summit facilitated nuanced discussions on the transformative power of institution-grade investments, propelling the region towards a future characterized by dynamism and promise. One of the pivotal themes explored was the rise of alternative asset classes, signifying a collective move towards diversification within the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Diversification Unveiled: Alternative Asset Classes Taking Center Stage

A spotlight was cast on the burgeoning importance of data centers, lifestyle communities, and resorts as viable investment options in West Africa. The rise of these alternative asset classes signifies a shift towards diverse and innovative investment opportunities.

  • Data Centers: Pioneering the Tech Revolution

As technology continues to reshape the world, the discussions at WAPI underscored the crucial role of data centers. The region’s growing demand for robust data infrastructure presents an exciting prospect for investors eager to participate in West Africa’s technological evolution.

  • Lifestyle Communities: A Paradigm Shift in Living

The concept of lifestyle communities gained prominence during the summit, reflecting a cultural shift towards curated living experiences. These communities, seamlessly blending luxury with sustainability, provide a unique investment avenue in response to evolving lifestyle preferences in the region.

  • Resorts: Transforming Tourism Potential into Investments

A key highlight was the expanding landscape of hospitality subsectors, notably the rise of amusement and theme parks. Once considered niche attractions, these are now emerging as robust investment opportunities. The discussions delved into the tourism potential of West Africa, with resorts positioned to cater to the growing influx of tourists seeking immersive and culturally rich experiences.

RedSwan CRE Africa actively participated in the summit, contributing to the panel session TECH & INNOVATION STRATEGIES BY LEADING REAL ESTATE CORPORATES IN WEST AFRICA. Represented by the company’s Country Manager, Tunde Olasunkumi, the discussion featured notable figures such as Nnamdi Uba, Co-Founder of HouseAfrica, and Bolaji Edu, CEO of Broll Nigeria / Broll Tech.

RS Team

RedSwan CRE Africa remains at the forefront of innovation in the pursuit of transforming the real estate landscape. We use technology as a catalyst for positive change, as highlighted at the summit. Our goal is to foster collaboration and partnerships that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the real estate sector in West Africa.

At RedSwan CRE Africa, we’re dedicated to using technology to benefit real estate developers and investors. Our platform,, connects quality African real estate with global exposure, aiming to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and raise Equity Capital for developers.

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We assist developers in optimizing their financial strategies through:

  1. Liquidity and Value Unlocking: Helping developers get liquidity out of their properties.
  2. Debt Exit and Preferred Equity Replacement: Assisting in replacing existing debt with preferred equity for a more favorable financial structure.
  3. Cheaper Cost of Capital: The traditional cost of financing is expensive. We help real estate developers gain access to cheaper capital for reinvestment in new projects.
  4. Retaining General Partnership (GP) Status: Ensuring developers maintain control over their projects.

This process begins with a simple first step of submitting your real estate for tokenization or contact us directly at [email protected]

Reflecting on #WAPI 2023 discussions, it’s evident that the fusion of technology and innovation is not just a trend but a necessity for navigating the complexities of the modern real estate landscape. RedSwan CRE Africa is proud to be part of this transformative journey, actively contributing to the evolution of real estate in West Africa. Together, with a shared commitment to innovation, we anticipate a future where the narrative of real estate investment in West Africa is not just rewritten but elevated to new heights.


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