core property fund

Diversify Your Portfolio with our Real Estate Investment Fund: RedSwan CRE Core Property Fund.


Fund : $800 million

Target IRR: 8-13%

Target Cash Yield: 4%

Investment Minimum: $1,000

Now Available RedSwan CRE
Core Property Fund

Ticker Symbol - RCSP

Up to $800,000,000 of tokens available

400,000,000 Digital Tokens @ $2.00 Each

$1,000 Minimum Investment (500 Tokens)

RedSwan CRE Core Property Fund (RSCP)

Why invest in a RedSwan CRE Real Estate fund?


Automatic diversification

A fund provides exposure to many properties simultaneously, freeing the investor from having to decide for him/herself which properties to allocate capital to.

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Professional Management

Fund proceeds are allocated to CRE properties by senior RedSwan CRE real estate professionals that have intimate knowledge of the opportunities and risks of different geographic markets and property types. Extensive property and sponsor due diligence on prospective investments are performed prior to inclusion in the fund.

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Proprietary Deal Flow

Principals of RedSwan CRE leverage years of CRE experience and a deep industry network. This leads to an attractive, proprietary deal flow for the fund.

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Opportunistic Approach

Fund managers don't have to be 100% invested in CRE at all times, so capital can be deployed opportunistically, which is advantageous during challenging market conditions.

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Low Minimum Investment

Minimum entry into fund is just $1,000.

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Low Cost

At a flat 1.5% annual management fee, this is one of the lowest fee rates in the private real estate fund industry.

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Liquidity and Early Exit

As a tokenized real estate fund, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity and early exit exists subject to initial holding period requirement).1

Investment Highlights:

  • Professionally managed.
  • Achieve diversification across high quality CRE.
  • No idle funds. Fund proceeds will earn a target minimum yield.
  • Fast liquidity possible through digitization (TBD)1

Edward Nwokedi, CEO & Founder

Edward Nwokedi has 17 years experience with brokerage and client advisory services working with Colliers International, and for the past 15 years, as Cushman and Wakefield’s Executive Director of Capital Markets Group. He is one of Houston’s repeat top performers with over $2 billion in successful transactions. Prior to his CRE career, Edward was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded and exited a venture-backed startup he built for $100M to a Fortune 500 Company.

1There is currently not an active secondary market for digital assets of the type featured on the RedSwan CRE Marketplace. The investor’s ability to liquidate will be dependent on market conditions and there is no guarantee that a buyer will be available that can offer a price deemed acceptable by the seller.

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