Is real estate a hedge against inflation?

While stocks may become more volatile during high inflationary periods, real estate tends to benefit and is amongst the best investments during inflation. Commercial real estate investment funds will help you with building a diversified portfolio by allowing you to invest in multiple properties.

Introducing The RedSwan CRE Investment Funds


Token Shares Per Fund

Limited Global Offerings


Investment Minimum

We offer two of the industry’s first tokenized, digital CRE funds. We are aware that some investors prefer to not shoulder the burden of deciding which of the many investments we offer to pursue. By offering a product professionally managed by the Registered Investment Advisory team, we can serve investors and help them achieve attractive yields and returns on high-quality commercial real estate in a hassle-free manner.

Investment Objectives

The Core Vs. Value-Add Investment Fund

Value-Add Fund

Ticker Symbol - RSVA




Cash Yield

Core Fund

Ticker Symbol - RSCP




Cash Yield

70+ Years

Principals of RedSwan CRE leverage years of CRE experience and a deep industry network. This leads to an attractive, proprietary deal flow for the fund.

Growth Markets

Our institutional-quality real estate assets are located in high-potential growth in Texas real estate markets, California, and New York. We are always growing these assets and we are expanding in these market types internationally.

Hassle-Free & Professionally Managed Assets

Our 1.5% real estate asset management fee is one of the lowest fee rates in the private real estate fund industry.

Investment Funds Offer A Wide Range of Benefits

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A fund provides exposure to many properties simultaneously, freeing the investor from having to decide for him/herself which properties to allocate capital to.

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Deal Flow

Principals of RedSwan CRE leverage years of CRE experience and a deep industry network. This leads to an attractive, proprietary deal flow for the fund.

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Real Estate Liquidity
and Early Exit

As a tokenized real estate fund, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity and early exit exists subject to the initial holding period requirement.

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Fund managers don’t have to be 100% invested in CRE at all times, so capital can be deployed opportunistically, which is advantageous during challenging market conditions.

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Low Cost & Minimum Investment

The annual management fee for RedSwan CRE is one of the lowest fee rates in the private real estate fund industry. Minimum Investment amounts start at just $100.

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Fund proceeds are allocated to CRE properties by senior RedSwan CRE real estate professionals that have intimate knowledge of the opportunities and risks of different geographic markets and property types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The company does offer two managed funds for investors that don’t want to select specific properties on their own.  The funds are the “RedSwan CRE Core Fund” and the “RedSwan CRE Value-Add Fund.”  The former pursues a Core CRE strategy, which entails investing in established, high-quality properties in well known, mature markets.  The latter fund utilizes a real estate Value Add strategy, which entails investing in buildings where the sponsor has an opportunity to increase asset values through a combination of property renovations, increased operating efficiency and improved marketing.  In a real estate Value Add strategy, a property can be upgraded to a higher class from a lower class and target returns are typically higher than for Core.

The benefits of the funds include automatic diversification, professional management and low minimum investment of just $100.

The annual charge is just a flat 1.5% management fee based on assets under management.

The funds will be focused on Class A and B multifamily properties across major urban markets in the United States with favorable demographic trends, such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and New York City.  Over time, the funds will add exposure to other CRE types such as Hospitality, Office, Retail and Industrial.

Yes, the funds will invest in many of the properties that we make available on the RedSwan CRE Marketplace.  Therefore, the funds will effectively invest alongside individual investors that choose to participate in investments directly as opposed to through the funds.  From time to time, however, RedSwan CRE may make investments in properties that will be exclusive to the funds.

Both the Core and Value-Add funds will invest in equity limited partnership stakes in CRE properties.

The Core fund will seek investment opportunities that offer a target internet rate of return of 8-13% and target average cash yield of 4%.  The Value-Add fund will make investments that offer a target internal rate of return of 14-18% and average cash yield of 5.5%.  Value-Add investments typically have higher targeted return objectives due to the riskier nature of value-add projects. 

An annual distribution will be made based on token holders as of a declared record date. 

We have a low investment minimum of just US $100.

The Core and Value-Add funds are private funds and hence, US citizens and residents must be considered Accredited in order to invest.  Non-US investors, however, are not required to be Accredited to invest in the funds and must simply pass the standard KYC and AML check to invest.

US Accredited Investors in the Core and Value-Add funds have a minimum holding period of one (1) year.  Non-US investors only have a two-month holding period. 

After any mandated holding period has expired, the funds can be traded on RedSwan CRE internal bulletin board exchange.  RedSwan CRE is also in discussions with other digital asset exchanges about cross-listing the Funds in order to provide additional venues for liquidity.

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