Hedge Against Inflation With Our Commercial Real Estate Investment Funds

While stocks may become more volatile during high inflationary periods, real estate tends to benefit. Commercial real estate investment funds will help you build a diversified portfolio by allowing you to invest in multiple properties.


Introducing The RedSwan CRE Core Fund

Ticker Symbol - RSCP


Token Shares

Limited Global Offerings


Target IRR


Preferred Cash Yield


Investment Minimum

70+ Years

Principals of RedSwan CRE leverage years of CRE experience and a deep industry network. This leads to an attractive, proprietary deal flow for the fund.

Growth Markets

Our institutional-quality real estate assets are located in high-potential growth markets in Texas, California, and New York. We are always growing these assets and we are expanding in these market types internationally.

We offer one of the industry’s first tokenized, digital CRE funds. We are aware that some investors prefer to not shoulder the burden of deciding which of the many investments we offer to pursue. By offering a product professionally managed by the Registered Investment Advisory team, we can serve investors and help them achieve attractive yields and returns on high quality commercial real estate in a hassle-free manner.

RedSwan CRE fund consists of marketplace exclusive off-market properties. Our fund seeks capital growth and income consistent with prudent investment management.

Investment Funds Offer A Wide Range of Benefits

real estate investment fund - automatic diversification


A fund provides exposure to many properties simultaneously, freeing the investor from having to decide for him/herself which properties to allocate capital to.

real estate investment fund - deal flow

Deal Flow

Principals of RedSwan CRE leverage years of CRE experience and a deep industry network. This leads to an attractive, proprietary deal flow for the fund.

real estate asset - Liquidity

Liquidity and
Early Exit

As a tokenized real estate fund, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity and early exit exists subject to the initial holding period requirement.

real estate fund - Opportunistic Approach


Fund managers don’t have to be 100% invested in CRE at all times, so capital can be deployed opportunistically, which is advantageous during challenging market conditions.

Real Estate Investment Funds -Low Cost

Low Cost & Minimum Investment

The annual management fee for RedSwan CRE is one of the lowest fee rates in the private real estate fund industry. Minimum Investment amounts start at just $1,000.

Professionally Managed Assets


Fund proceeds are allocated to CRE properties by senior RedSwan CRE real estate professionals that have intimate knowledge of the opportunities and risks of different geographic markets and property types.

Hassle-Free & Profesionally Managed Assets

Our 1.5% Asset Management Fee is one of the lowest fee rates in the private real estate fund industry.

Apollo Apartments in Edmonds, WA (Seattle MSA)
Targeted fund projects

Apollo Apartments in Edmonds, WA (Seattle MSA)

Units: 251
Sponsor Equity Raise: $18,700,000 (90%)
Ticker Symbol: APLO
Cash Yield: 10%

Apartments Class A - Edmonds Development LLC is developing Apollo Apartments, a 251-unit market-rate apartment building in the City of Edmonds, 20 minutes North of Seattle. This project is an institutional-level asset that is rarely available for individual investors.
Tower 27 in San Jose, CA
Targeted fund projects

Tower 27 in San Jose, CA

Units: 374
Sponsor Equity Raise: $73,644,000 (80%)
Ticker Symbol: TW27
Cash Yield: 12%

Apartment Class A - The project is a 511,152 square foot, 24 story, 239'-4" tall (top of structure), type IA construction, mixed-use tower replacing the existing structure on the .57 acre site at 27 South 1st street. The tower contains 374 apartment units with private balconies from levels 4-24, 262 parking spaces on levels B3, B2, B1, and 01...
Hello Lenox in Brooklyn, NY
Targeted fund projects

Hello Lenox in Brooklyn, NY

Units: 56
Sponsor Equity Raise: $8,960,000 (60%)
Ticker Symbol: HLLX
Cash Yield: 10.2%

Apartments Class A - 271 Lenox soars 140 feet above Prospect Lefferts Gardens. It’s industrial-chic architecture is in line with the likes of many Soho & Tribeca luxury buildings. With floor through open layouts, private elevators opening directly into each unit, chef quality stainless appliances and expansive private outdoor terraces with bi-fold glass doors that extend your living space into the horizon.
The Edison in Austin, TX
Targeted fund projects

The Edison in Austin, TX

Units: 354
Sponsor Equity Raise: $34,848,000 (90%)
Ticker Symbol:EDSN
Cash Yield: 6%

Apartments Class A - 4711 East Riverside Drive, or the “Edison” is a 354 unit wrap multifamily property with final delivery. The development site consists of 9.2 acres of land with a building footprint of 345,382 SF, 268,664 SF being rentable. The site lies in close proximity to national employers, Downtown Austin, and the cultural centers of South Congress and Zilker Park.

Ready to start investing?

Getting started is very easy with RedSwan CRE. Simply visit our marketplace to find the fund you are interested in, and enter the amount you want to invest.

If you have questions & would like to reach out or are not sure which fund is best for you, feel free to email us via our contact form & we will help you learn more about our funds.
Core Investment Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

The company does offer two managed funds for investors that don’t want to select specific properties on their own.  The funds are the “RedSwan CRE Core Fund” and the “RedSwan CRE Value-Add Fund.”  The former pursues a Core CRE strategy, which entails investing in established, high-quality properties in well known, mature markets.  The latter fund utilizes a Value-Add strategy, which entails investing in buildings where the sponsor has an opportunity to increase asset values through a combination of property renovations, increased operating efficiency and improved marketing.  In a Value-Add strategy, a property can be upgraded to a higher class from a lower class and target returns are typically higher than for Core.

The benefits of the funds include automatic diversification, professional management and low minimum investment of just $1,000.

RedSwan CRE issues the CRE tokens through a Limited Liability Company called the “Red Swan Real Estate Fund LLC” (the “Fund”), which is also a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”).  When you invest in a particular property, you are effectively investing in a “series” within the Fund.  RedSwan CRE, as the fund manager, selects what series (i.e., property investment opportunity) are offered within the Fund. 

The Fund also acts as its own registrar.  What this means in practice is that all the tokens that are issued are custodied on behalf of the investor in a single, secure vault at Coinbase, our partner custodian.  RedSwan CRE assigns owners to the tokens once they are allocated and paid for by investors.  On a go forward basis, RedSwan CRE manages the list of registered investors and ensures that important property information and financial updates are provided and that dividend payments are properly forwarded to token investors.

Since investors are buying into a fund when they invest in tokens for one or more investment opportunities, the Fund charges an annual management fee of 1.5% of digital assets under management.  This is an annual fee as a percent of assets and is like what one might pay for a traditional mutual fund, ETF, or hedge fund.  The management fee helps cover cost of RedSwan providing superior access to investment opportunities, conducting due diligence on potential Investment opportunity, furnishing investment recommendations based on real estate market intelligence and serving as a token registrar.       

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