SeedInvest | RedSwan CRE's Kick-Off Webinar

Sep 29, 2021 04:00 PM in Eastern Time
(US and Canada)

Management from RedSwan CRE will pitch the business and will be answering questions live from interested investors.


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How RedSwan CRE Works

RedSwan CRE, the leading commercial real estate (CRE) tokenization platform, currently has a tranche of Class A & B properties, $300M of a total of $2.5B (USD), are now being offered to major investors. Investments can be made through the company’s platform powered by advanced blockchain technology, allowing for a more secure investment in CRE. This is the first public offering of security token offerings (STOs) at this scale. Our STOs are open to both US Accredited Investors under Reg D and International Investors under Reg S.

Historically, smaller investors weren’t permitted or invited to participate in major $20M+ projects because the price of entry was too high, making it a challenge to access higher-quality investments. By Investing with RedSwan CRE’s platform, customers can invest alongside major institutional companies with similar or exact search terms. With the first tranche now available, investors will have freedom of liquidity.

By using blockchain, the crowdfunding impact will allow accredited  investors to reduce the initial investment cost, allowing them to diversify their capital into multiple projects instead of one, without the historical requirement of holding them for 3-10 years before exiting. 
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Our Trusted Partners

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Come Join the Webinar

Sep 29, 2021 04:00 PM in
Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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