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RPC Multi-family Fund

Miami, FL


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RPC Multi-Family Fund

RedSwan is pleased to present the RPC MF Fund. Royal Palm Companies (RPC) has changed the way people live. Defined by luxury elegance and attention to detail, RPC has redefined cities and skylines. The RPC Fund plans to develop a diversified portfolio of multifamily real estate development projects comprising low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise multifamily.

Sponsor: Royal Palm Companies


Information TypeAge
Minimum Investment:$50,000
Property Type: Apartments
Investment Type:Equity
Target Raise: $250,000,000
# of Units: 2,680
Year Built: 2023
Property Class: Class A
Targeted Investor IRR: 18%-22%*
Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.0-2.3x*
Net Operating Income: TBD
Price Per Token: $1.00
Target Period: 8 Years*
Blockchain Security Protocol: Polygon
Offering Type: REG D
Property Value: $800,000,000

* = Targeted returns are subject to change.

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