Real Estate Tokenization Platform RedSwan CRE Looks to Raise $5 Million on SeedInvest Crowdfunding Site

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Exciting SeedInvest Crowdfunding – Real estate tokenization platform RedSwan CRE is raising preferred equity capital on SeedInvest seeking up to $5 million in funding.

The securities are being issued under both Reg CF and Reg D so it is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. The “tiered preferred equity” or SWIFT or simple weighted incentive for time, means that early investors benefit from a bigger discount. The pre-money valuation of the seed round is $55 million. The Proptech has previously raised over one million dollars in earlier seed rounds

Exciting SeedInvest Crowdfunding

According to the offering page, RedSwan CRE reports that it has already tokenized more than $2 billion worth of commercial real estate.

Founded in 2018, RedSwan wants to change real estate investing leveraging blockchain technology enabling smaller investors to access to commercial real estate investment opportunities. Currently serving accredited US investors as well as international investors, the company says “members” have grown by 260% in the last year.

Currently in development is a secondary marketplace where tokenized real estate assets may be traded thus creating a path to liquidity. RedSwan CRE says they are currently in discussion with “digital asset exchanges” to connect trading.

RedSwan CRE was founded by Ed NwokediDon Oparah, and Roy Malkin. Nwokedi has 17 years of experience working for Colliers and Cushman and Wakefield. Malkin has worked in tech and has several exits under his belt. Oparah has participated in over 20 different startups and was founder and Director of The Venture Accelerator at UC Santa Barbara.

As of today, the securities offering has raised over $420,000 with a minimum of $1000.


RedSwan CRE now accepts Dogecoin as payment on its marketplace

RedSwan CRE recently announced that two digital-asset deals on its marketplace will begin accepting Dogecoin as payment, in addition to regular USD fiat and stable coins pegged to the USD.

“We are excited about bringing this investment opportunity to Dogecoin holders,” said RedSwan’s CEO Ed Nwokedi. “RedSwan CRE recognizes that cryptocurrency payments are becoming the favored way to transact in the digital economy and is putting its support behind the ecosystem. Dogecoin is one of the fastest-growing coins in the space with strong name recognition and popularity. It is on the cusp of transitioning from a “meme coin” to legitimate institutional and transactional use cases. With this initiative, we are doing our part to accelerate that evolution by providing educational value towards building wealth.”

The two properties available, Lakehouse Oakland and the Apollo Apartments projects, total $380M in value. Investors interested in the properties can obtain more information and can express interest at 

Financial research firm InvestorPlace features RedSwan, 305 Fitness, & AppMail

InvestorPlace, one of America’s longest-standing independent financial research firms, recently featured RedSwan, 305 Fitness, and AppMail. The article, written by Stavros Georgiadis, an InvestorPlace Contributor, offers readers a brief overview of the companies and touches on key investment highlights:

  • RedSwan CRE is a blockchain commercial real estate marketplace. “When it comes down to it, RedSwan CRE is solving one of the biggest problems in commercial real estate investing: liquidity.”
  • 305 Fitness is a cardio fitness program with studios across the U.S. and certified instructors worldwide. “Fitness for many people is time-consuming, expensive, difficult and even boring… 305 Fitness is a solution for all these negative perceptions of fitness.”
  • AppMail developed an email solution enabling users to browse, select, and make purchases without leaving their inbox. “It can help clients address one of the most important challenges in business: engaging customers before they lose interest.”

RedSwan CRE continues to grow its members, reporting a 260% increase YoY

RedSwan CRE is a blockchain commercial real estate marketplace on a mission to make investing in real estate more affordable and liquid. The company has continued to achieve membership growth and just recently reported a 260% YoY increase in its members (October 2020 vs October 2021).

“We are pleased with our YoY membership growth of accredited investors topping 260%,” says RedSwan CEO Edward Nwokedi. “A substantial amount of this increase was from our recent Dogecoin promotion. This is significant because it displayed the growing interest we have been seeing among our crypto-holding clients in the asset ownership space. Additionally, it positions the company to continue to expand into other crypto offerings.”

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