How Red Swan works

Creating Security Real Estate Tokens

Tokenization in Commercial Real Estate

Tokenization in Commercial Real Estate​

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Red Swan performs an analysis of many projects and presents the best opportunities to our private HNW and institutional investors.

Red Swan Proprietary Architecture

A User friendly interface powered by Advanced Blockchain Technology

The Red Swan Platform is a world-class business to business CRE tokenization system. Implementing the most advanced standard for commercial real estate tokenized sale and ownership. The platform is built upon two high-level technical layers:

Tokenization in Commercial Real Estate​ blockchain

Blockchain Layer

Multiple layers aiding in transaction security, data storage, platform transparency, information logging, auditing, ID verification, trade settlement and tokenized payments.

Design Layer

Offers a clean and simple navigational layout with robust and sophisticated functionality.

Key Benefits of the Red Swan Platform

Provides a substantially easier and more efficient process for acquiring commercial real estate investments.
Global investors can grow their portfolio of high-quality assets in a decentralized manner.
Transactions recorded on the blockchain are tamper-proof.
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