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Cryptocurrency Investment in Real Estate Blockchain

Checkout our marketplace where you can use your cryptocurrency to get fractional ownership of Class A commercial real estate. You can now invest in Leading off-market, institutional-grade commercial real estate with leading sponsors. Fully tradable with early liquidity opportunities.

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Here are some benefits to investing in real estate with cryptocurrency


RedSwan CRE is a global real estate blockchain-powered platform which allows property investors anywhere in the world to invest and benefit from the international real estate market.

The tokenization of real estate and use of digital securities is designed to streamline overseas property transactions and overcome challenges in cross-border remittances. Eliminating complicated banking processes and excessive fees.

RedSwan CRE will speed up real estate investments, reduce costs and remove restrictions associated with cross border transfers. The ultimate aim is to empower RedSwan investors by enabling them to purchase fractional real estate globally.

We have entered  a new digital age in real estate transactions – using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At present, we are in early stages. Blockchain technology will revolutionize the real estate industry by speeding up, investment process, funds transfer and providing transparency, efficiency and cost savings for investors, sponsors and lenders by removing most of the inefficiencies in the traditional process.





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